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Why is it important to carefully review your paystubs?

When you get paid and receive a paystub, do you really look at it? Do you check the amount you earned and compare the hours noted to the pay you're supposed to receive?

If you aren't cautious about checking your wages, you could be leaving money on the table. Problems with coding, forgetting to input an employee's hours and other issues can lead to you having much less on your paycheck than you should have received.

What should you look for on your paycheck?

To start with, you need to note how much you're working each week and write it down. Every day, you should write down when you clock in and when you clock out.

Next, when you get your paycheck, match up your hours. If something doesn't make sense, note it and speak with your supervisor.

You should always know your direct rate of pay and be aware of the taxes that should come out. If your check isn't right after you review everything, then you should reach out to your employer.

In many cases, discrepencies are accidental. For example, a manager who was off sick might have forgotten to submit your time card for the day or could have forgotten to sign off on your check's required approval. In those cases, they're likely going to be more than willing to push through your payment and help you get the compensation you were entitled to. If this is a recurrent payment issue, it may be something that you'll want to take up with your employer or attorney in the future.

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