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NBC under fire with allegations of sexual harassment on the job

In society, there is always a frustration when sexual harassment is discussed. Some people believe it's always the person who commits the crime's fault. Others blame victims for not defending themselves or being clear about how they feel. Most of all, people want to see that someone is held accountable.

An activist group, UltraViolet, has spoken out to take a stand against the way NBC has been handling sexual harassment. The group has been calling for the firing of several news executives after allegations were made in a book by a former correspondent. The group acts on behalf of harassment and sexual assault victims. It went to the headquarters of NCB Universal, Comcast, to demand that justice be served.

There are calls for the NBC News president to be fired because of allegations that he played a role in covering up abuse. There is also a call to fire the president of MSNBC, who allegedly participated in an act of sexual harassment when showing off a revealing magazine photo of a former MBC personality.

The former correspondent's book goes into several disturbing situations where he was unable to report on the Weinstein case and a case where a "Today" employee claimed that she had been raped by a former news host. Dozens of NBC News employees have stated that the efforts to improve reporting mechanisms for sexual harassment within NBC have not been enough, according to the activist group.

In workplaces where harassment and sexual harassment are common, it can be hard to make changes. Victims deserve those changes to take place, though, so they can have safer work environments.

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