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September 2019 Archives

California passes major employment law overhaul

California lawmakers have passed Assembly Bill 5, a measure that reporters are already saying will overhaul the landscape of employment law in this state. The measure now awaits the signature of the Governor. The Governor has been supportive of this Bill.

New law could change the gig economy

The California Senate may be ruling on a new gig economy law in the coming weeks, according to a Sept. 9 report. The law, Assembly Bill 5, would reclassify many "gig" workers, also called independent contractors, as normal W-2 employees. If that happens, companies could be forced to pay out health benefits, overtime pay and workers' compensation among other benefits.

The right and wrong way to handle #MeToo

As previous posts here have discussed, the #MeToo movement has done a lot to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. For one, it has encouraged more people who have been victims of this form of workplace harassment to speak up and demand the justice they deserve.

What is a retaliation case?

Retaliation happens when an employer punishes an employee for participating in an activity that is protected by law. An employee may just be doing what would normally be expected in a situation, like filing for workers' compensation after an accident, but an employer may take the opportunity to retaliate.

State mulling over broadening employee protections

Long known for being a progressive state when it comes to protecting the rights of workers, the State of California is now considering whether to require workers now treated as independent contractors to be provided with the full protections of employees.

Why is harassment rampant in the restaurant industry?

Since the #MeToo movement began two years ago, our nation has spent considerably more time analyzing the problems with various industries to determine ways to prevent employee mistreatment. Even though California residents were getting used to seeing actors and producers make the news for their allegations, they were also finding out how big of an issue it was for other businesses.

Harassment in the workplace: Document everything

Despite the fact that Title VII is a federal law that prohibits discrimination, many women in the workplace still struggle with sexual harassment. If you are someone who deals with harassment on the job, know that there are steps you can take to report this treatment and get help.

Review of California's whistleblower protections

A Los Angeles resident who reads the news regularly will frequently hear stories about how businesses of all sizes got caught violating either a state or federal law. Oftentimes, it is an employee, aptly named a whistleblower, who reports the violations to the proper authorities and thus gets the ball rolling on an investigation.

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