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Residential care among top industries to experience wage theft

In recent years, California has made many law changes that favor different types of employees that mistreated at work. Though some believe eliminating sexual harassment was more favored because of the #MeToo movement, there were still plenty of regulations passed that focus on other forms such as discrimination and wage theft.

One example is the Fair Day’s Pay Act that former Governor Jerry Brown signed in 2015, which bars companies with outstanding wage thefts from continuing to operate in California. Unfortunately, some companies either haven’t paid attention to some of these new laws or try to find loopholes to avoid the consequences.

Recent reports suggest that several residential care facilities have refused to abide by the Fair Day’s Pay Act despite being millions of dollars in debt. It is important to know about this to spread awareness on the issue and ensure that future employers don’t act in a similar fashion.

Care for the residents, but not the workers

A recent article on The Washington Post reveals that over 20 companies that focus on providing care for the elderly and disabled in California still operate even though they owe millions of dollars in penalties.

Some of the interviews featured in the article also revealed that several of these facilities had hostile work environments. As employers yelled and mistreated their workers, the employees worked unreasonably long hours for just $2-3.50 an hour. Many of the workers who won judgments against their employers are still waiting for their paychecks years after they filed successful claims.

Legal experts believe that one of the main reasons these abusive facilities have gotten away for so long is because the act states that a place can’t be shut down if it puts the lives and health of vulnerable individuals in danger. They believe that the law needs to be rewritten so that other facilities can’t take advantage of this loophole.

Getting ready for changes

While it’s repulsive that so many workers continue to suffer through these conditions, these stories have been getting widespread attention within the last month, so it may encourage California lawmakers to take further action against abusive residential care facilities or change the law so it makes it easier to do so.

In the meantime, workers that suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above should contact an employment law attorney to see what kind of legal action they need to take against their employers.

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