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You don't have to face workplace harassment alone

Many people think of sexual harassment perpetrators as male and victims as female, and indeed, this is a common pattern. But, both men and women face harassment at work, and transgender and transsexual individuals often face both harassment and other obstacles to their careers. In response to this ongoing crisis, the California State Legislature has taken action to curtail harassment in the workplace.

Last month, we told readers about some new laws that took effect at the first of the year in the Golden State. One law prohibits employers from requiring employees to sign away their right to sue for workplace harassment and their right to disclose information about harassment and other unlawful acts happening on the job. Another stops employers from requiring nondisclosure agreements in settlements of sexual harassment claims. These new laws are calculated to defeat the silence that often allows harassment to rage unabated.

Many employers have a toxic culture that makes reporting sexual harassment a daunting proposition. Yet, it is not acceptable to simply let the situation fester. The attorneys at Toni Jaramilla, A Professional Law Corporation, are excellent resources for employees not knowing where to turn for help. We have a passion for protecting employees' civil rights and continued ability to work in an environment free of harassment. We have helped numerous clients with successful litigation to stop workplace harassment.

Our law office is based in Los Angeles, and we serve and represent clients throughout the area. We help people of all gender identities understand their rights and proceed with legal action. Our firm's sexual harassment web page has more information on the services we provide.

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